Lab Results Display of Microbiology Results and LOINC Codes Overview

The labs system in the Intergy, Intergy EHR and Intergy EHR PDA systems can now store and display Microbiology results categorized and grouped in reports rather than as lines of text.

This allows the results report information to be presented in a format that is useful and easy to read for the provider, especially when one test can have multiple susceptibility results.  The Lab Results Report now displays microbiology results by test type header information with the susceptibility information under each test. The result values are displayed in the 'Normal' column and the susceptibility type is displayed in the 'Flag' column.

Additionally, you now have the option to display LOINC codes as part of the lab test/component description. When the user preference 'Test/Components: Show Code After Name' is set to 'Yes' and the user preference, 'Lab Test Component Code Type' is set to 'X-Ref' and a LOINC code is available for a component, the LOINC code will be displayed.

This enables you to include LOINC codes when you are required to use LOINC codes to codify Microbiology sensitivities lab results. In the example below, for the 'Cholesterol, Total' lab test, the 'Cholesterol, Total' component is displayed with the LOINC code 'L-2093-3'.